Dapol 7F-030-054 B153458 BR 16 ton Steel Mineral Wagon Riveted Body Diagram 1/109 Grey O Gauge

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British Railways ordered over 200,000 16 ton mineral wagons, the vast majority being of welded construction to diagram 1/108, however riveted construction for the body was also permitted. Riveted wagons were allocated diagram 1/109 and most were built by outside contractors with limited experience of welding techniques. The completed wagon was essentially similar to the welded type with end, side and top flap doors over the side doors and constructed on a welded underframe. There were far fewer of these diagram 1/109 wagons built as the builders adopted all-welded construction. The riveted construction was less robust, though could prove easier to repair, so excepting the one batch of vacuum brake fitted wagons diagram 1/109 wagons were usually scrapped when new bodies were needed. For modellers the type is a useful variation from the welded body 16ton mineral in a layout wagon fleet.

This model was first produced by Lionheart Trains and is now combined into the Dapol range.
Model Features

  • Finely moulded body
  • Diecast chassis with compensating beam
  • Removable coke rails (Where applicable)
  • Finely applied livery and printed details
  • Profiled wheels and axles with brass bearings
  • Metal sprung buffers
  • 3 link metal coupling chain with sprung coupling hook
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