Corgi AA31906 USN Supermarine Spitfire MkVb VCS-7 D Day 1/72

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Spotting for the naval bombardment during the D-Day invasion was done by 34 Recce Wing, the Air Spotting Pool of 2nd Tactical Air Force. This was made up of 26 and 63 Squadrons RAF, 885 Squadron RN, and VCS-7 USN and was commanded by a Commodore of the RN. The aircraft used were Spitfire Vbs and Seafire IIIs. With the launch of the D-Day invasion of Normandy imminent, seventeen naval aviators were taken from aviation units on battleships and cruisers and were assigned to bombardment duty as part of VCS-7. The spotters flew the Spitfires from June 6th through June 26th, although they started flying some of their original aircraft as early as June 25th. Once Cherbourg fell VCS-7 was disbanded and the Spitfires were returned to the British. The US Navy shows 1 combat loss of a Spitfire from VCS-7. Available January 2004
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