Corgi AA29501 Martin B-26B Marauder, 41-31576 'Dinah Might', Mjr David Dewhurst, 553rd BS / 386th BG, June 6 1944 1/72

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Martin B-26B-15-MA Marauder 41-31576/AN-Z 'Dinah Might', was given the important task of leading an anti-beach fortification raid against Widerstandsnest 5 (which means 'nest of resistance', or 'strongpoint') overlooking Utah beach. The raid happened only a couple of minutes before the landing craft released their troops on their assigned beaches on D-Day itself, one of the final missions to take place before the landings. Flown by Major David Dewhurst, the experienced Commander of the 553rd Bomb Squadron, US 8th Air Force, this was one final opportunity to neutralise German defensive fortifications, therefore giving Allied troops a better chance of making it off their assigned landing beach in the terrifying hours to come. Dewhurst's aircraft, which was named 'Dinah Might' after a Bing Crosby tune of the day, released its bombs at exactly 06.24.30 on D-Day, with navigation and timing critical to the success of the mission and the safety of the men waiting to make their historic seaborne assault. The details behind this final bombing raid of D-Day clearly illustrate why the Utah Beach D-Day Museum elected to finish their preserved Marauder in this historic scheme and why it forms such a poignant centrepiece for their impressive museum. 'Dinah Might's' target on that fateful morning in June 1944 was only metres from where this magnificent preserved aircraft is displayed today, even though it's actually only a representation of that famous wartime aircraft. The Aviation Archive die-cast model range features 1:72 and 1:48 scaled aircraft perfect for collectors both old and new. Each plane comes with a display and optional parts.
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