Corgi AA27602 Hawker Hurricane Mk1 P3120 303 Polish Sqn FO Z K Henneberg Northolt Sept 1940 1/72

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Corgi Avaition Archive brings you a diecast model of a Hawker Hurricane Mk1 World War 2 fighter flown by Flying Officer Z K Henneberg of the 303 Polish squadron based at RAF Northolt during the Battle of Britain in September 1940. Although the Spitfire is celebrated as Britain's saviour during the Battle of Britain, it was the trusty Hawker Hurricane that inflicted most of the damage on the Luftwaffe. Indeed, the Hurricane destroyed more enemy aircraft than all of Britain's other defences combined.  In the hands of a capable pilot, the trusty Hurricane was a lethal adversary.  

 No. 303 Squadron was one of sixteen Polish squadrons in the RAF during World War Two. Formed in Blackpool, England in July 1940 the Squadron became fully operational on 31st August 1940 at RAF Northolt. The months that followed would prove to be extremely busy for the Squadron and it became the most successful Hurricane equipped squadron's of the Battle of Britain.
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