Corgi 1/72 AA32019 Preowned Hurricane Mkl 73 Sqn Fl Off. E.J. 'Cobber' Kain, Rouvres France Spring 1940

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By 6th June 1940 ‘Cobber’ was the top RAF Ace with 16 kills and one probable and was due to return to England the following day. Leaving Echimenes in a Hurricane he proceeded to ‘beat up’ the airfield, but on his third roll the aircraft went into a spin and crashed, killing him instantly. No one knows for sure the serial number of Kain’s Hurricane ‘Paddy III’ but, it is likely an early ‘L’ prefix aircraft (possibly L1766).

From Sept 1939 all Hurricanes were fitted with a metal wing in place of the early canvas covered wing and any surviving ‘L’ prefix machines were upgraded. This model represents such a modified machine during the height of the Battle of France in the spring of 1940.
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