Coastlines CL-M416bT USS Agamemnon, troopship in dazzle camouflage 1918 1/1250

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Kaiser Wilhelm II was in New York when the First World War broke out and was interned. When USA joined the Allies in 1917, She was taken over for service with the Allies as a troopship, USS Agamemnon.and painted in US Navy Grey overall. On her third trooping voyage to Europe in convoy with her sistership USS Mount Vernon (ex-Kronpressin Cecile) when the ships were ordered to make a turn to Starboard, the stern of Agamemnon side-swiped Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon came to a standstill while the other troopships continued on to Brest to unload the troops. Later, Agamemnon returned and with other ships, escorted Mount Vernon into Brest to unload her troops Mount Version was patched-up at Brest before returning to USA for more extensive repairs but Agamemnon returned to the USA and was repaired. After repairs, both ships were re-painted in dazzle camouflage and resumed trooping.

Agamemnon's camouflage pattern is a US design and has been applied to this model. It seems that a different pattern was applied later on in the war and that has been offered by CM on his CM-P model of Agamemnon.
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