Coastlines CL-LJL06 HMT Euripides is a troopship in 1918 dazzle camouflage 1/1200

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Euripides was on her maiden voyage to New Zealand for the Aberdeen Line when WW1 broke out. She was commandeered by the Australians for service as a troopship and took ANZAC troops to the Middle East and Europe. She continued as a trooper throughout the war bringing troops, horses and war supplies from around the world to Europe and in 1918 was given a black and white striped camouflage scheme modelled here. The pattern is unusual in that there is a high proportion of black in the pattern and all the photographs show her in Sydney with a freshly-painted funnel but with a weathered hull, so  the photographs may have been taken after the end of hostilities when she was on re-patriation work and the funnel had been restored to Aberdeen line colours. She continued to serve as a troopship until 1920 whem she was re-fitted and resumed her peacetime role.
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