Coastlines CL-L38 Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Denmark 1/1250

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The real lighthouse was built about 120 years ago on the east coast of the Jutland peninsular just north of a large sand dune. Over the years, the prevailing southerly wind caused the sand on the dune to move northwards and the lighthouse began to be burried by the dune. Eventually, the lighthouse could no longer be operated or maintained and was abandoned. As the sand dune continued to move north the lighthouse was exposed and tourists started to visit the site but the tower was dangerously close to the wave-washed edge of the dune. Public interest led to the clearance of the rubble of the out-buildings and and the sand around the base of the tower and in 2019 the whole tower was moved 200m inland to preserve it for the next 40+ years. Other lighthouses that have been moved in this way include Belle Toute near Beachy Head, Cape Hatteras iand Nauset Beach n the USA.
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