Coastlines CL-L35a Bengtskar Lighthouse with Island and Skerries C21st 1/1250

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After the Battle of Bengtskar during which the wooden buildings on the island were burnt and the roof and interior of the accommodation block were badly damaged, , repairs proceeded slowly. The lighthouse was made operational around 1950 and a new fog signal was installed on the island and the remains of the old air trumpet were removed from the roof of the accommodation block. The red-painted houses were re-built and the concrete structures were restored (although the concrete roof has shell impact cracks clearly visible today).

The rounded gable end where the fog signal was has been walled up and fitted with windows to increase the accommodation for the guest house, the new raised roof is green and there is a restaurant for the summer guests and tourists. You can book accommodation and meals on line, trip boats visit from Hanko and there is a landing for helicopters near the lighthouse.
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