Coastlines CL-EX06 HMS Queen Mary exploding at Battle of Jutland 1916 1/1250

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Shortly before Queen Mary exploded, the British battlecruises had forced Admiral Hipper to turn away to the east to cut him off from his planned rendezvous with the High Seas Fleet and his home base. HMS Lion at the head of the british line had been hard hit and had dissappeared behind a cloud of smoke and the German gunnery officers thought she had pulled out of line with machinery damage , so they shifted fire to Queen Mary  which was clearly visible and firing at them with "fabulous rapidity". Within four minutes, Seydlitz and Derfflinger found the range and within two more minutes Queen Mary had been hit by at leat seven heavy shells and two of the magazines eeploded and the ship broke up and sank in a couple of minutes.

The diorama photograph shows HMS Tiger (Navis model 123) avoiding collidion with the stern of Queen Mary amid a number of heavy shell splashes (Clydeside) on a sea base with Coastlines printed ship's wakes which are not included with the model. The thumbnail photograph shows the waterline model of the hull and turrets of the ship, the blast wave and the attached black smoke which are included in the box.
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