Coastlines 1/1250 CL-SA19 Heavy Cruiser Blucher Norway 1940 on fire & sinking

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Bluecher was leading the invasion force to attack Oslo in 1940 during the invasion of Norway. As she approached the Oscarborg Fortress in the Drobak Narrows, she was attacked by shore mounted 28cm & 15cm coastal guns and 18" torpedoes from the island. At least two torpedos exploded on the port side and there were several hits from the 28cm and 15cm shells. Water flooded the boiler and engine rooms and aviation fuel was ignited and Bluecher drifted to a halt to the north of the fortress. Eventually she capsized and sank and, if you pass over the wreck site today you can still see oil leaking from the wreck on the bottom of the fjord. Many soldiers and sailors on board lost their lives in this battle.
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