CM Models CM-P55 USS Pocahontas 1917 Transport Ship in dazzle camouflage 1/1250

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The German NDL line Barbarossa-class liner Prinzess Irene was interned in New York in 1914. In 1917 she was seized by the US authorities and became the troop transport USS Pocahontas. She made 18 voyages from USA to France but became famous for out-running a German submarine, probably U151 that shelled her and straddled her in 1918. Although she returned fire, her elderly US guns were out-ranged but she made her best ever speed of 16.5kt during her escape. In 1918 she was re-painted in overall grey but contemporary photos show traces of the dazzle pattern on the hull. In 1922, she was sold back to her original owners and became Bremen (III) after a refit. In 1928 she was re-named Karlsruhe releasing the name for Bremen (IV) the Blue Riband winner of 1934, and she was scrapped in 1932.
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