AvantGarde Model Kits AMK 1/48 88010 Mi-17 Hip Helicopter Plastic Kit

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The original Mi-8 was phenomenally successful. However it had problems flying in mountainous terrain due to lack of engine power. It was fitted with 1 400-shp engines. An improved version was fitted with better Klimov TV3-117MT engines, developing 1 874 shp each, to produce the Mi-17. As a result the Mi-17 has better high altitude and overall performance. It was an important feature for some of its export operators, such as India. New engines dramatically reduced fuel consumption. Furthermore the Mi-17 it can limp back home with one of the engines destroyer or damaged. In the event of failure another engine automatically increases its power to 2 195 shp. This allows to continue the flight. The major visible difference of the Mi-17 is a tail rotor. On the Mi-17 it was repositioned and is located on the left side, while the original Mi-8 a tail rotor is on the right side. The Mi-17 also has several other minor improvements, such as new rotor hub made of titanium alloy, different electric grid, and so on.
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