Artesania Latina 1/89 22517 Hermione La Fayette Frigate Wooden Boat Kit

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On the 21st of March 1780 the young Maques de La Fayette embarked on the Hermione, setting sail for America to fight alongside the American insurgents in the struggle for their independance.

Two years earlier, at the Rochefort Arsenal, in a building berch close to the Corderie Royale, work had begun on the Hermione, a light 120pounder frigate, over 65 metres long, weighing in at more than 1,200 tonnes and with a sail surface of over 1,500 square metres. spread on three masts. The Hermione was built from plans drawn up by the engineer-shipbuilder Chevillard l'Aine.

 In 1997, under the auspices of the Hermione-La Fayette Association, work got underway at the same site on the reconstruction of La Fayette's famous frigate. There, and in full public view, the workmen, carpenters and smith, carry out their task of bringing this historic vessel back to life.


The fabulous wooden model of the so-called 'Freedom Frigate' is already here: Hermione Lafayette. Artesania Latina is proud to present its new model of the French boat, which begins a new voyage. Not only we have created a completely new model with incredible details and museum finishes for modelers, we also have developed a complete and detailed multimedia assembly guide so that the assembly of your scale of L'Hermione is a real pleasure.

The scale of the legendary French boat has been made from the original planes, and then created through 3D design, making it a 100% new model. Our passion for craftsmanship is immense.


What are the contents of the Hermione Lafayette kit? The scale model is made with high precision laser cut plywood pieces; wood and birch veneer; wood and brass; high quality photo-etched brass pieces; and everything necessary to make the sea a delight to ride this classic gala boarding. The cotton candles are sewn by hand and ready to be placed on the model. The kit has a support to expose the model once it is finished.

It also has a DVD that contains a single step guide and a step with more than 2,000 images in total, but also showing the techniques and tricks of modeling used by professionals.


On March 21, 1780, the young La Fayette Marquis boards on the Hermione. It left course to America to fight on the side of the American insurgents who were fighting for their independence. Two years earlier, in the arsenal of Rochefort, on a step near the Corderie Royale, the Hermione was built.

Two centuries later, in 1997, the building of faithful replica of Hermione, which in 2015 has completed the same journey as the original ship. Join us on this new journey of L'Hermione!

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