Artesania Latina 18021 Scottish Maid Late 19th Century Wooden Boat Kit 1/50

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The kit includes laser cut frames for keel & bulkheads and wood strip for hull planking. Deck planking, masts and spars, metal and wooden fittings and cloth for the sails are all included, along with rigging cord and flags. The instruction booklet is very detailed, taking you through every step of construction. Model length 745mm. Skill Level 3. Scottish Maid schooner model kit The system of construction by means of false keel and frames approaches the assembly of the model to the construction of the real ship.
The kit contains high precision laser cut board, wood, brass, cast iron and raw cotton sails. For the assembly you will be able to follow our complete guide step by step in 4 languages and in full colour, accompanied by the full scale drawings of the finalized wooden model.
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