Aoshima 1/72 05432 JGSDF Type 10 MBT and Heavy Tank Transporter Truck & Trailer

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Type 10 has been mass-produced from 2011 and deployed to Japan Ground Self Defense Force, Fuji School in January 2012. Compared with the Type 90, the vehicle weight has been greatly reduced. To transport the Type 90, it has to be disassembled and separately transported on two trailers, but as with the Type 74, the Type 10 can be transported on one trailer. IT-based communication equipment. A C4 I network system has been introduced to allow instantaneous data-sharing between squadrons, across the command center, and with an air unit. Furthermore, modular armors have been introduced. They can be loaded and interchanged in blocks, facilitating maintenance in the battlefields. Pointed shells like thumbtacks called APFSDS and HEAT-MP are used, penetrating the armors of enemy tanks more easily than conventional armor-piercing shells. In addition, the Type 10 is equipped with an attitude control unit, and 7.62-mm and 12.7-mm machine guns.

JGSDF Type 73 Semi Trailer w/Type 74 MBT So called "Type 73 Semi Trainer" is a 3-axis MTB transportation trailer assigned to five active armies and logistic support regiments of JGSDF. The maximum loading capacity is 40t, maximum road speed is 60km/h , with characteristic high profile for rough terrain. This vehicle is mainly used for transporting Type 74 and type 10 tanks, and can only be seen inn night time due to Vehicle Restriction law.

Glue and Paint Required to Assemble.
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