Altaya MAG KZ02 German Battle Cruiser Scharnhorst 1943 1/1250

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This model was first offered to German customers in the Kriegsschiffe series and it is a different model to the Scharnhorst offered to Atlas Editions subscribers. This model has a one-piece metal diecast hull and injection moulded polystyrene deck and superstructure recessed into the metal hull. The model carries a camouflage pattern that was applied to Scharnhorst when she went to Norway after the Channel Dash of 1942. Scharnhorst would have worn this pattern in December 1943 when she was sunk at the Battle of North Cape.

The Type VII U-boat was a bonus model supplied in the same pack to subscribers in Germany but this model was never available in the UK with Atlas Edition 1/1250 scale ships.
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