Albatros Alk621B Mendez Nunez Spanish Stealth Frigate Waterline Metal Model 1/1250

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Stealth frigate of the Spanish Marine built at Navantia in Ferrol.

In service: 2002. 5800t, 146.7x 18.6m,
max 29 kn. CODAG drive. The main weapon is a vertical launch system type Mk 41 with 48 cells
installed.Two quad starter for AGM-84. Harpoon missiles, torpedoes, a 127mm gun and other weapons for
close defense supplement the armament. On board is a Seahawk helicopter
The first batch of 4 ships of the class was put into service by 2006. One modified 5th ship (Christóbal Colón)
followed 6 years later, in 2012 and the latest batch started to arrive last year.

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