Albatros AL300 TS Brasil Waterline Ship Model 1/1250

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Passenger and Cargo ship the Moore-McCormack Lines, New York. Built at Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation, 1958 finished. Turbine drive via 2 Screws, 21 kn. 188.2mx26m above sea level, 18,200 GRT. 557 Passengers (only 1st class), crew: 405, used in Line service New Yorck - South America. Sister ship: ARGENTINA. In 1963 both ships were rebuilt and the Cabin capacity increased. 1971 Sale of the ships to the Holland-Amerika Lijn. Renamed VOLENDAM, Argentina to VEENDAM. At the Lloyd shipyard, Bremerhaven converted into pure passenger ships. This followed after three years at HAL some more shipping companies and name changes. (1975: Monarch Sun, 1977: again Volendam, 1984: Island Sun, 1985: Liberte, 1987: Canada Star, 1988: Queen of Bermuda, 1990: Enchanted Seas, 1996: Universe Explorer, 2004: Universe) demolition of both Ships 2004/5 in Alang
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