Airfix A04204V Bismarck German WW2 Battleship Plastic Kit 1/600

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The Bismark was one of two Germany's 15" gunned battleships developed just before WW2, in great secrecy. Remembered for destroying HMS Hood, it was eventually sunk when units of the Home fleet caught her - but only after a torpedo from a Swordfish had struck the stern, jamming the rudders and forcing Bismarck to navigate in ponderous circles.

The most powerful battleship in the world in 1941 when she sailed to raid Allied shipping in the North Atlantic with the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. After being spotted by the Royal Navy she was shadowed and then engaged. In this engagement the Bismarck sank HMS Hood. She was then damaged by at least one torpedo from attacking Swordfish, slowing her down. She was eventually sunk by torpedoes fired from Royal Naval ships with the loss of almost all 1,900 crew.

Technical Specification & Details 
Scale 1/600
Skill 3
Flying Hours 2
Number of Parts 170
Dimensions L 415mm X W 60mm 
Age 8+
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