Activity Media RT4 Detailing and Improving RTR Locomotives & Coaches Right Track DVD 4

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Examples covered:-Hornby V2 Class Hornby "County" Class Hornby "Britannia" Class Hornby Gresley A3 Class Hornby "Black 5" Bachmann "Jinty" Hornby Pullman 1925 Car Hornby Pullman 1928 Car Hornby Gresley Coach Bachmann Thompson Coach conversion Subjects covered include:-Locomotives: Preparing the Chassis Frame Extensions and Drain Cocks Renaming and Numbering Detailing the Body Close couplings Improving the Tender The finishing Touches Coaches: Detailing the Sides Forming a Tumblehome Detailing the Roof Replacing the sides Glazing Close Couplings Vacuum Pipes and Steam Pipes Replacing Wheels and Bogies
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