Ace Models 1/72 72435 British FV-601 Saladin Armoured Car Kit

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The Saladin Armoured Car was used by the British army and was exported to 20 Counties.

The Saladin was a 6 x 6 6 wheel drive vehicle  manufactured by Alvis. It weigh 11 metric tonnes  and had a top speed of 72kph had a crew of three, it was armed with a 76mm gun

The FV601 Saladin is a six-wheeled armoured car developed by Crossley Motors and later manufactured by Alvis. Designed in 1954, it replaced the AEC Armoured Car in service with the British Army from 1958 onward. The vehicle weighed 11 metric tonnes, offered a top speed of 72 km/h, and had a crew of three. Saladins were noted for their excellent performance in desert conditions, and found favour with a number of Middle Eastern armies accordingly. They were armed with a 76mm low-pressure smoothbore cannon which fired the same ammunition as on the FV101
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