99219 Concorde: Bristol's Supersonic Triumph DVD

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This is the most comprehensive record of the world’s only supersonic airliner: the full story of Concorde from the drawing board to her 30th birthday in 1999.
With the help of unique colour film and photographs, you can experience the signing of the historic agreement between Britain and France and the early development of supersonic test aircraft at BAC’s Filton site in the early 1960s.
Initial production on both sides of the Channel is featured, as well as an impressive roll-out ceremony at Toulouse, where leading political figures deliver their optimistic forecasts for the project.
You will hear from people involved at all levels of the design and production process, including Concorde’s Chief Engineer, Dr. Bill Strang, as well as electricians and machinists.
The voice of Raymond Baxter describes the first flight at Toulouse in dramatic style. Brian Trubshaw, who piloted Concorde 002 on her maiden flight from Filton to Fairford on April 9th 1969, recalls his part in aviation history in an enlightening interview.
Now that Concorde has retired, this documentary assumes a new historical importance, and is sure to be a treasured souvenir for everyone who has been captivated by this magnificent aircraft.
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