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The kit includes over 450 plastic parts including a faithfully reproduced and highly detailed chassis, winch and jig crane, accurately molded engine, cab and interior with correctly sized details and shape. Plastic moulded tyres are included with the correct tread pattern as documented in period photos. Included is a photo etched detail sheet, scale chains and ropes and comprehensive instructions.

Glue and paints are required to assemble and complete the model (not included)

The Scammell Pioneer was a British 6x4 tractor used in the Second World War as an artillery tractor, recovery vehicle and tank transporter. Pioneers purchased by the British Army were equipped with a 102 bhp Gardner 6 cylinder diesel engine.

The first 43 recovery tractors delivered to the British Army from 1936 the British Army were designated the Pioneer SV1S ] and the Pioneer SV1T both with a 3 ton folding crane and lockers for recovery equipment and towing bars.

The Pioneer SV2S introduced in 1938 had a simpler redesigned extending crane with greater lifting height, and remained in production throughout the war, with 1975 recovery trators produced. A pair of tracks that could be fitted over the two rear wheels, converting it into a half track with greater traction on soft ground. Many tractors were still used in military service long after WWII.

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