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Trumpeter's 1/200 KMS Bismarck WW2 German Battleship Plastic kit 03702 has a one piece hull made from two-directional slide moulds The deck is also a single piece casting. A real box full of sprues, including 4 for the Ar196 w/ fine details, accurately detailed guns, 13 pieces of photo etched frets for handrails, ladders, radar parts etc. Over 1700 parts!
Contains display stand
Length 1265mm 49.8in (over 4 feet!) beam 181mm 7.125in. 
Box Size = 135cm  x 15cm x 47cm
Box Weight = 7.25 Kilo's

The Bismarck became world famous for its confrontation with the Hood in May 1941 and eventual sinking by the Royal Navy. Building having commenced in 1936 and in service by August 1940, with a full-load displacement of 50,000 tons, Bismark was the most modern and largest battleship in the world at the time, with the latest armaments and armour protection. Nominally the same size as the 15" guns fitted in Hood, Bismark's were a larger calibre, greater range and most importantly the ability to fire at higher angles with the result that shells were plunging when arriving on target. A much older ship, Hood succumbed to just such a hit in the battle in the Denmark Strait. Vanishing for a time in the Atlantic, a combined operation located Bismark and Swordfish torpedo bombers (ironically an almost outdated aircraft) from Ark Royal launched torpedoes that hit and jammed Bismarck's rudder. Unable to control the her course, the next morning, Bismarck was finally surrounded by the British fleet and after a continuous onslaught of nearly two hours finally sank in the Atlantic Ocean.

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