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A great range of bb guns, rifles, ammunition and shooting accessories for UK airsoft shooters available from Antics shops and for web ordering.
Quality cap firing guns, including classic Western guns by Edison Giocoletti. Blank firer starting pistols and Denix historical replicas.

Target shooting is a fun and challenging hobby, we have a range of targets available, some with pellet traps to prevent your garden becoming covered in spent pellets. Many authentically shaped full size hand guns and rifles, great for target shooting. Clear plastic or brightly coloured sections ensure everyone knows you're using a BB gun.
Remember! While these low-powered airsoft BB guns will not cause injury to most of your body we strongly advise the wearing of safety goggles to protect the eyes from stray and richochet pellets.

Air guns and rifles are available from our licensed retail outlets at Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Gloucester, and Stonehouse (Glos). Please note that air guns and rifles can only be sold 'face to face' and Photo id is required.
Follow the Air Gun Code of Practice for safe gun handling and shooting.

BB Guns are available by mail order and from our shops. Click here for locations.

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