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Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Cardiff: 1, Gloucester: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #99624)
Oxford's fifth release of the Messerschmitt three wheel bubble car comes with the soft top option as opposed to the hard top clear version with which we launched the model.  Here we see it in white with contrasting  black canvas roof and lots of silver trim.  Registered 784 DYD, the interior features red seats, a maroon floor and silver trim to the dashboard, gear stick and steering wheel.  Given the limited space in the car, the chrome luggage rack on this release, positioned on the external rearside would have been a useful option! Produced between1955 and 1964, the German factory produced over 40,000 of these little cars, affectionately nicknamed Schmitt. They were a far cry from the wartime aircraft for which Messerschmitt were so renowned!

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