Antics' currently available and on-order specially commissioned model railway wagons in OO gauge. Wagons from the areas around our shops, principally Gloucestershire and the Stroud valleys, have been chosen. This allows a mix of colourful and decorative liveries to be presented, while many of the wagons would have been seen together en-route to and from colleries or destinations. The number produced of any one wagon is quite small, not exceeding 300 with some models only half.

We welcome suggestions for future models, ideally a photograph is required to allow the livery to be recreated.

Antics Special Commission Dapol OO Gauge Clevedon Gas Company 7 Plank Open Wagon 21

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These wagons are now in stock and will be available at the WC&P Groups' model railway exhibition at Portishead Parish Wharf Leisure Centre on October 22nd, marking 120 years since the opening of the WC&P.

The Clevedon Gas Company's gas works was served by a siding from the Weston Clevedon & Portishead light railway and is possibly the lines' best-known customer. The Clevedon Gas Company is now believed to have operated as many as 30 wagons, the best-known batch being leased from the Gloucester RCW Co in 1932 in grey livery numbered 21-30.
Rail accident records show two of the Clevedon company's wagons being destroyed in the Charfield collision of 1928, these wagons noted as being painted red and a sketch of one of these wagons shows the lettering placed in an arc over the side door. While the first model will be one of the well photographed 1932 batch we will look at producing one of the older wagons in the future.
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Gloucester coal merchant J Dangerfield ordered two 8-ton wagons from the Gloucester RCW company at the end of 1907. Two newly built wagons, numbered 1 and 3 were delivered in January 1908, with no.1 duly photographed by the wagon company photographer.
It is unclear if Mr Dangerfield already had a wagon numbered 2, decided to only use odd numbers, or simply wanted to appear to be operating a larger fleet.

James Dangerfield was the son of a Gloucester dock labourer and joined one of the railway companies as an engine cleaner. By 1901 he had established his own business as a coal merchant, with a depot at the Midland Wharf. The two new wagons in 1908 were registered with the Midland Railway, which would have provided Mr Dangerfield with direct routes between Gloucester and collieries in the North Somerset, Forest of Dean, Midlands and Nottinghamshire coal fields.
Wagon number 1 was sold to Toomer & Co of Reading in 1930, and John Dangerfield appears to have retired from business by this time.

Original photograph no3472 in the GRC&W photographic archives, volume reference D4791/16/41 kept at the Gloucestershire county archive.

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The Stroud based firm of Wood & Rowe, formed by the partnership of Mr Miles Frederick Wood and Mr Charles Mortimer Rowe, were engaged in a range of business, being listed in trade directories as coal, salt and builders merchants. Drain covers around Stroud can still be found bearing the Wood & Rowe name, so the company evidently had some iron manufacturing capability. The partnership was mutally dissolved in 1922, notice given in the London Gazette lists the business as Coal and Builders Merchants at Cheapside, Stroud, Nailsworth, Ryeford and Stonehouse. The business was to continue under Mr Wood using the same company name.

The company certainly had a significant requirement for railway wagons, 8-ton 5 plank opens 23 to 31 being ordered as a batch from the Gloucester Carriage & Wagon company in 1905, following on from several orders for 10-ton 7 plank wagons. The 5 plank wagons may have been ordered for their usefulness in both the coal and building supply trades, lower sided wagons often being preferred for aggregates to prevent gross overloading, thus keeping the wagons busy all year round.
Many years later number 25 of this batch was photographed at Frocester station on the Midland Gloucester to Bristol route delivering a load of coal. It would seem likely therefore that Wood & Rowe supplied coal for local merchants or contracts to stations as required in addition to their own trade.

Many Wood & Rowe wagons have empty to instructions for return to collieries in the Tamworth area, initially Hockley Hill, one of the later Kingsbury group of collieries. This colliery appears to have been running down before the first war and had been completely removed by 1923. Immediately south of Hockley Hill was Whateley Colliery, the location being known in railway terms as Whateley Sidings. Tamworth, Mid. Rly. was added as the Midlands' Birmingham to Derby route crosses the LNWR (now West Coast Mainline) at Tamworth. These collieries, along wth Wood & Rowes' depots around Stroud, were all served by the Midland company.

Original photograph can be found in the GRC&W archives at D4791/16/34 located at the Gloucestershire county archive.

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Antics Special Commission Dapol OO Gauge Samuel Jefferies & Sons Ltd. of Dudbridge, Stroud 7 Plank Open Wagon 14

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Sanuel Jefferies established the Atlas Brick Works near to Dudbridge, Stroud and was also known to be associated with brick manufacture at the Standard and Lightpill works. His first wagons recorded by the Gloucester RCW co. were hired in 1871, with a fleet of at least 6 wagons were being operated in 1875 and at least 9 in 1901. Bringing in coal for firing the kilns of his brickworks Mr Jefferies also supplied coal as a wholesale and retail merchant with depots at Dudbridge and Woodchester stations on the Midland Railway Stroud & Nailsworth branch. Brick production moved in 1910 to the Imperial Brick and Tile Works on a site north of the GWR line, with a private siding from the GWR. The title '& Son' had been added by 1900, becoming 'Sons' in 1908. Samuel Jefferies died in 1909 aged 73 (age estimated from census dates) and sons Albert and Charles continued the business, the Imperial works finally closing in 1950.

Wagon number 14 was a 10 ton 7 plank coal wagon photographed by the Gloucester company photographer in January 1926. This is not (nominally at least) a new wagon, but one of Samuel Jefferies & Sons 8-ton capacity wagons being rebuilt and upgraded to 10 tons capacity. The plates along the solebar in the photo showing GWR regsitration, the rebuild date, followed by a Gloucester RCW 'G' rebuilt plate and a plate 'S Jeffereies & Sons, owners, Stroud,'

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Antics Special Commission Dapol OO Gauge Chadborn, Son & Taylor, Coal Merchants, Gloucester Docks 7 Plank Open Wagon 2

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Chadborn, Son & Taylor were a firm of merchants and stevedores at Sharpness and Gloucester docks, introducing floating steam powered winches for cargo handling. Census and trade directories list the company principally in connection with cargo handling or as timber merchants (one of the main cargoes handled at Gloucester for many years). Clearly however the company were operating a coal merchant business as well by the early 1900s and continued until 1927.

Gloucester RCW wagon 39801, a 10-ton capacity 7 plank open, was leased to Chadborn, Son & Taylor as their fleet number 2 and photographed by the Gloucester RCW photographer in April 1903. This joined Chadborns' existing wagon 1 (a 5 plank 8-ton wagon) with repair contracts renewed in 1910 and 1917.
A third wagon joined the fleet in 1916, but Chadborn, Son & Taylor sold their coal business to fellow Gloucester Docks coal merchant W L Buchannan in 1927. Subsequently Chadborns are listed in trade directories as 'steam winch proprietors', so clearly the company concentrated back into the cargo handling business.

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Antics Special Commission Dapol OO Gauge Buchannan (Gloucester) Ltd 7 Plank Open Wagon

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Albert Buchannan started trading at Gloucester Docks in 1870 and by 1880 was listed in trade directories as a 'coal and coke merchant' and in census records as 'coal and timber merchant'. Later in 1901 this is revised to 'timber importer' and shortly after his son W.L. Buchannan is listed as 'coal merchant'.
W.L. Buchannan ordered wagons from the Gloucester RCW in 1902, one numbered 2 (photographed July) along with a repair contract for this and a second wagon, suggesting he already had one wagon in operation as number 3 was not photographed until November. Wagon 4 joined in 1904 and 6 in 1906, though repair contract again suggest wagon 5 was in operation by then.

In 1927 the coal business of Chadborn, Son & Taylor was taken over by W.L.Buchannan, later incorporated under the name W.L.Buchannan & Co (Gloucester) Ltd. Gloucester RCW wagon hire records show renewals and an extra wagon bringing the fleet to 8 in the late 1930s. Although the wagons would have been pooled after 1939 the company continued in business into the 1950s.

Exactly which wagon is seen here is difficult to deduce, but earlier W.L.Buchanan wagons carroed the name diagonally while this wagon is a later version under the W.L.Buchannan &Co. (Gloucetsre) Ltd name, probably seen during the 1930s.

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This volume is a companion to the author's previous book on wagons of the Forest of Dean. It takes a look at all of the known private owner wagon owners and operators based in Gloucestershire with almost 250 wagons being identified. It is illustrated with over 450 photographs, items of ephemera and maps, many of which are previously unpublished. Whilst the majority of the wagons belong to coal merchants there are also those for quarries, mills, a brewery and chemical works. As well as identifying the owners, the opportunity has been taken to give as much detail of their business as possible to give some idea as to how large the concern was and how long it was in operation. Thus, as well as being of interest to the private owner wagon enthusiast the volume also gives much industrial and social history for the county.

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