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The Clevedon Gas Company's wagons appear frequently in photographs of the WC&PR trains, often along with Baldwin wagons. As gas production at Clevedon gas works would have required several wagonloads of coal every day and given round-trip times to the collieries even the possible 30 wagon fleet of Clevedon Gas wagons would only be just sufficient if deliveries were arriving very promptly!
It is unclear how many wagons the company operated at a time, as only the 1932 batch appear in photographs we have seen where the numbers are clearly visible. Numbers 21-30 may have replaced older wagons rather than supplementing them.

Illustrated records of the company's earlier wagons are quite scarce, though reports on the Charfield collision in 1928 record two Clevedon Gas wagons numbered 100 & 101 as having been destroyed. Sketches indicate these wagons were painted red with lettering in an arc over the side door, but we have not seen any photographs of wagons earlier than the 21-30 batch nor explanation for wagons numbered in the 100 series in 1928.

A later batch of wagons was ordered from Gloucester during WW2 under the name of the combined Clevedon & Yatton Gas Company. These wagons carried small wartime standard lettering and it is likely they would have been sent straight to pool service and quite possibly never visited Clevedon or Yatton.

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