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This is not (nominally at least) a new wagon, but one of Samuel Jefferies & Sons 8-ton capacity wagons being rebuilt and upgraded to 10 tons capacity. The plates along the solebar in the photo showing GWR registration, the rebuild date, followed by a Gloucester RCW 'G' rebuilt plate and a plate 'S Jeffereies & Sons, owners, Stroud,' 

Image from the Gloucester RCW Co photographic archive held at the Gloucestershire county records Office, Gloucester.

Samuel Jefferies established the Atlas Brick Works near to Dudbridge, Stroud and was also known to be associated with brick manufacture at the Standard and Lightpill works. His first wagons recorded by the Gloucester RCW co. were hired in 1871, with a fleet of at least 6 wagons were being operated in 1875 and at least 9 in 1901. Bringing in coal for firing the kilns of his brickworks Mr Jefferies also supplied coal as a wholesale and retail merchant with depots at Dudbridge and Woodchester stations on the Midland Railway Stroud & Nailsworth branch. Brick production moved in 1910 to the Imperial Brick and Tile Works on a site north of the GWR line, with a private siding from the GWR. The title '& Son' had been added by 1900, becoming 'Sons' in 1908. Samuel Jefferies died in 1909 aged 73 (age estimated from census dates) and sons Albert and Charles continued the business, the Imperial works finally closing in 1950.

Samuel Jefferies was able to supply a wide range of coals, suggesting his wagons may well have traveled to some distant collieries when needed. A surviving advertisement describes the company as:
'Wholesale and retail coal merchant and brick manufacturer' at the railway canal wharf, Dudbridge, Stroud.
'Leicester, Derby, Staffordshire, Forest of Dean, Welsh & Coal Pit Heath house and steam coals supplied on best terms' and 'manufacturer of every description of common and pressed red building bricks, flooring squares, coping, etc.' plus 'glazed sewerage pipes, chimney pots, fire bricks etc.'

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