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Chadborn, Son & Taylor were a firm of merchants and stevedores at Sharpness and Gloucester docks, introducing floating steam powered winches for cargo handling. Census and trade directories list the company principally in connection with cargo handling or as timber merchants (one of the main cargoes handled at Gloucester for many years). Clearly however the company were operating a coal merchant business as well by the early 1900s and continued until 1927.

Gloucester RCW wagon 39801, a 10-ton capacity 7 plank open, was leased to Chadborn, Son & Taylor as their fleet number 2 and photographed by the Gloucester RCW photographer in April 1903. This joined Chadborns' existing wagon 1 (a 5 plank 8-ton wagon) with repair contracts renewed in 1910 and 1917.
A third wagon joined the fleet in 1916, but Chadborn, Son & Taylor sold their coal business to fellow Gloucester Docks coal merchant W L Buchannan in 1927. Subsequently Chadborns are listed in trade directories as 'steam winch proprietors', so clearly the company concentrated back into the cargo handling business.

Image from the Gloucester RCW Co photographic archive held at the Gloucestershire county records Office, Gloucester.

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