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The M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck was designed by Ford Motor Co for US Army's Ordnance Truck Automotive Command(OTAC) to replace the aging US military fleet of WWII and Korea. The new 1/4 ton 4WD vehicle introduced new technologies such as a uni-body chassis and all wheel independent suspension to the jeep family. Its design was inspired by European off-road vehicles. It was designde to be faster, more comfortable and agile than its M38A1 predecessor. It used a four cylinder in-line, liquid cooled gasoline engine, and was armed with M-60 7.62mm machine gun. Over 10,000 M151's would be produced and used by the US and foreign countries. The M151A1 was developed to correct load problems with the rear suspension of the M151.The M151A2 entered into production in 1970. Its production called for another redesign of the rear suspension and eventually the independent "A"-frame suspension was changed to a semi-trailing arm setup. This allowed better handling characteristics, yet maintained the flexibility of independent wheel suspension and retained maximum parts interchangeability. M151's are still used today by over 100 foreign countries police and military forces. The M151A2 was still in US military service as late as 1997, when the US Marine Corps were seen using one during the unreset in Albania.

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