We carry various types of kites, in a range of materials, shape, usage, skill required to operate, and so on. All our kites come complete and ready to fly, with Delta shapes for speed and agility, Power kites for maximum pull and more basic stunt kites for beginners. New types of kites continue to be invented and designed.
100 metre real of kit string with a breaking strain of approx 6 Kg.
Available from shops: Plymouth: 2
(Product Ref #87959)
This single line Clown Fish kite is ideal for beginners - very easy to fly and great graphics. Available singly.

Flying Lines - Single
Size - 70 x 60cms
Material - Spinnaker Nylon
Frame - Fibreglass Spars
Age Recommendation - 4 Years+
Wind Range - 4-16 mph
Available from shops: Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #5282)
Fully controllable spar less kite, ideal for anyone wanting to perform manoeuvres and fight the elements.

Size 195 x 65cms, material spinnaker, frame no spars, No assembly, twine Strength 20(kg), wind range 6 - 20(mph).
Age 12 years up

Available from shops: Bristol: 1
(Product Ref #50604)
This stunning performer is a highly manoeuvrable and versatile kite which can be flown on a single line or converted to two lines! The Stunt Master comes with tail, twin lines and full instructions for flying.

Size 93 x 84cms, material spinnaker, frame fibreglass, No assembly, twine Strength 10(kg), wind range 5 - 20(mph).
Age 8 years up

Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #5280)
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