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Lionheart Trains LHT623 BR(W) Birmingham Division Set 52 4-Coach Suburban B Set BR Crimson Livery
Great Western Railway Suburban coaches - Ready to Run - Fully Finished with Finescale Wheels
Birmingham Division Suburban Set - Four Coaches
Detailed models of the GWR diagram D109 brake 3rd and E141 composite suburban coaches which were formed into four coach sets B3-C-C-B3 for services on the Birmingham and London divisions. These 4 coach 'B Sets' were used on mainline suburban services, usually hauled by 5101 and 61xx class large prairie locomotives, (model recently announced by Heljan) though 43xx moguls and 45/4575 class 'small prairies' (models by Lionheart Trains) would also be used on some services.

Supplied as a complete set of 4 coaches painted in British Railways plain crimson livery.

While the 2-coach 'B set' is familiar different divisions of the GWR defined their coaching stock requirements differently. While the 2-coach sets sufficed for suburban and country services in the West Country the busier and more widespread suburban services of the Birmingham and London divisions needed 4-coach sets to fulfill the same roles. Moving down the 'pecking order' in the Birmingham and Worcester divisions the familiar 2-coach set was defined as a 'D Set'.

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