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Tamiya 35352 1/35 Scale British Valentine MKII/IV WW2 Tank
Dimensions - Length 157mm
Glue and paints are required to assemble and complete the model (not included)
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The Valentine Mk.II/IV, which not only filled a vital role in WWII North Africa for British troops, but was also supplied to the Soviet Union in significant numbers under the auspices of the "lend-lease" program. This highly realistic rendering of the tank features fine depictions of different surfaces such as the cast mantlet and plate turret sides. Comes with 2 torso figures, plus markings for 1 British Valentine in North Africa and 2 Red Army Valentines. Assembly-type tracks feature 1-piece straight sections. Offers a choice of standard and desert-use side skirt parts.

This is an all new tooled model of the British Valentine Infantry tank in 1/35 scale.  British armour doctrine in the 1930s up to the outbreak of WWII called for 2 types of tank - more mobile cruiser tanks and heavy, slow infantry tanks. The Valentine was a prolifically produced example of the latter (7,315 units, more than 30% of British tank production in WWII). It was based upon existing cruiser tank designs and relatively easy to manufacture, a critical point for the British military after it had lost so much material during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940. The Valentine would see extensive action in North Africa, particularly the Mk.II and Mk.IV variants (they had different engines) depicted by this kit. Over 4,500 were also handed over to the Soviet Union under the lend-lease agreement, the Red Army using them mainly for recon work

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