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Corgi 1/50 Edward Stobart 1954-2011 Commemorative Set, Scania 4 Series with Curtainside and Scania 111 Tractor Unit CC99203
Corgi CC99203 a 1/50 scale diecast Limited Edition Edward Stobart 1954-2011 Commemorative Set includes a Scania 4 Series cab with Curtainside trailer and aScania 111 Tractor Unit

The signs were there at a young age that Edward would become a successful business man, in his early teens he worked with his father as part of his Agricultural business. Using his father's delivery trucks he expanded the haulage side of the business and in 1976 formed Eddie Stobart Haulage Company with eight trucks and twelve employees. From here, onwards the business grew to what it is now Britain's most recognised haulier employing over five thousand people. This set commemorates Edwards's career with one of his early trucks in the Scania 111 and a Scania 4 Series with a curtain side trailer from the peak of Edwards career.

In the mid-1970s, Edward Stobart moved from Hesket, Newmarket near Caldbeck to his first depot, 1 Greystone Road in Carlisle. At that time the fleet consisted of eight lorries, a mixture of DAF 2200s and 2800s, a Seddon Atkinson and this Scania, registration number KA0 23P, and named Julia. In this era, Edward was a 'jack of all trades' and would certainly have driven this Scania when required.

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