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Built in 1976 as "Smit Houston", this 16.000 ihp class tug has been chartered in 1990 to Greenpeace by the owners SmitWijs. The crane of the foredeck has been removed to make place for the extension of the top of the forecastle into a helicopter deck was capable of carrying a total weight of 4 tons. Renamed "Waker" in 1995 by the next owner "SWI", the ship, stationed at Den Helder, will remain at least until 2010 with the Netherlands Coastguard. The ship, chartered by its present owner Svitzer, has a length of 67.50 m with 6.23 m of draught. Propelled by two 6-cylinder Stork Werkspoor diesel engines with a capacity of 2 x 4.600 HP (2 x 3.380 kW), it reaches the operational speed of 14 knots.

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