There's no quicker way to increase your Radio Controlled Car performance than a motor upgrade. When choosing an upgrade motor ensure that the electronic speed controller which you intend to use is capable of running the motor, most speed controllers will quote a motor limit, this is because the quicker the motor, the greater the current drain. Fitting a high performance motor without conforming to the limits of the ESC can make the speed controller run hot, sometimes causing it to overheat and possibly fail (the standard speed controller in a Tamiya kit or Ansmann car will handle a motor down to about 21 turns). It may also be worth considering efficiency of your car with a Ball Race Bearing Set and heavier duty connectors such as the deans type

It is also important to note that the quicker the motor the less runtime you will get, for example a standard 540 motor can run for about 10 minutes whereas a 21 turn motor will run for about half that time. So upgrading to a higher capacity battery will help to maintain your runtime. Brushed type motors, unlike there brushless equivilents require regular maintanece. It is important to make sure that they are clean of any debris inside the motor and to use a cotton wool bud coated with motor spray to clean the commutator of the motor of any carbon debris from the brushes and also to replace these motor brushes when they have worn down to half there original length.

When choosing a speed controller it is important to ensure that the quoted motor limit is suited to the motor you intend to run, as a motor with a lower number of turns than the recommended limit will make the controller heat up very quickly and could cause a failure. If you intend to run a motor below 21turns you will want to improve the efficiency of your car with a Ball Race Bearings Setand heavier duty connectors such as the deans type. Most Tamiya and Ansmann cars are supplied with a speed controller suited to 21 turn motors, fitting a faster motor will require an upgrade speed controller.

Mtroniks Sport Tuned 20 Electronic Speed Controller Auto Sport 20 26069
The Auto Sport tuned 20 is a Brushed Speed Control designed specifically for use in RC cars. The Auto Sport tuned 20 has a 20 turn sport tuned motor limit and has forward, Brake and Reverse functions. There is even a built in failsafe so that if radio signal fails the speed controller cuts power to the motor.
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The Eco20 is the next in line in the Viper range of Speed Controls after the Eco27, which means it has all the same amazing features that you get on the Eco27 and on other, more expensive Speed Controls! Features such as adjustable brakes, adjustable reverse functions and a built in failsafe are standard on this Speed Control.

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Mtroniks Tio Storm X No Limit Electrionic Speed Control TIO STORM X
The STORM speed controller has been designed around an intelligent bridge switching processor.  This allows for far greater control of the motor in drive and braking modes, resulting in a much better speed control with fully symmetrical performance with no delay in forwards or reverse.
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This compact speed controller is originally designed for the Tamiya Tam-Tech range 1/18 scale cars, but that's just one suggested application. Really this unit can be used with most models powered by a 380 sized motor.
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A compact forward/reverse running electronic speed controller (ESC) featuring a high frequency wave drive system. Three types of current flow adjuster, adjustment of maximum forward and reverse throttle trigger settings, and reverse cancellation can be controlled via transmitter and ESC operation. Compatible with down to 23 turn stock motors. Transmitters from other makers can also be used.
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Value and versatility sum up the Probe Plus ESC from Etronix. This compact brushed motor speed control is an ideal choice for most electric 1/10th applications and can handle up to 7.4v (if using LiPo use with a regulator). Factory fitted connectors and switch, the Probe Plus just needs to be mounted and plugged in to automatically find neutral before you are off. It really is that simple!

100A 7.2v-7.4v Ni-Mh/Lipo
This ESC does not have a Lipo cut-off and will require an external device.
14T Brushed Motor Limit.

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Etronix Probe 15T ESC Suits 6-7Nimh or 2S Lipo ET0102
With a motor limit of 12 turns and a small footprint, this electronic speed controller is ideally suited for all of todays state of the art compact car designs. Factory fitted with connectors and leads it is the perfect upgrade over many stock units.
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Etronix Sport Tuned 19 Turn Brushed Motor ET0307
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A superb cleaning spray for electric motors. A quick squirt of this degreasing fluid will help electric conductivity between the brush and commutator, aiding performance.
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