Air filter oil is a must for any nitro car. Just a few drops on the foam pads will help to grab any dust or grit on it's way through the filter. When the foam is getting grubby, just wash in detergent and oil again.
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(Product Ref #78864)
After Run Oil should be put into the engine after each session of use to give additional corrosion protection. It also makes a superb general purpose lubricating oil and is supplied in a spouted container
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Available from shops: Bristol: 2, Cardiff: 4, Gloucester: 1, Stroud: 3
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Performance depends greatly on motor maintenance. In this istuation you need to reach for a can of Nitro Power Blast. Specially developed cleaning spray for cleaning up fuel and 'gunk' associated with nitro cars. Old oil and fuel can be blasted away to leave chassis parts and crankcases like new. Supplied with an extension nozzle for those hard to reach places
Available from shops: Coventry: 1
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