Corgi Bloodhound SSC UK Display Version TY81002
In 2013, Wing Commander Andy Green will attempt to break the current land speed record by reaching the miraculous speed of 1,000mph. Project Bloodhound (SSC) Super Sonic Car is set to take place in South Africa on a ten mile stretch of desert where The Bloodhound is expected to reach 1,000 mph in an amazing 42 seconds. To mark this event Corgi has created a miniature version of The Bloodhound SSC in its current livery where it is being tested in the UK on the run up to the attempt in 2013.
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Auto Art 1/18 Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010 Sebastian Vettal Concept Car 18108
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Guiloy 1/18 BMW 320si WTCC 67510
BMW 320si WTCC. Driver Jorg Muller
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