Among it's many uses the lightweight foam board can be used to provide a rigid structural base for model buildings. It is easily cut and glued (use foam safe glues to avoid disolving the core!) and with a paper surface both sides brick paper or embossed plasticard sheeting can be attached.

Available in 5mm and 3mm thicknesses.
A4 size sheet of 3mm thick foam-core board
Website: 9+
Available from shops: Bristol: 5, Gloucester: 9+, Plymouth: 5, Stroud: 3
(Product Ref #46523)

Sheet of foam-core board faced with white card on both sides. The board is easy to cut and fix with many applications where a rigid, lightweight structure is desirable. Ideal for providing a structral core for model buildings with embossed plasticard or paper/card facing.

Thickness 5mm. Sheet 450 x 300mm

Website: 3
Available from shops: Bristol: 9+, Cardiff: 4, Gloucester: 7, Plymouth: 9+, Stroud: 4
(Product Ref #42782)
5mm thick A4 size sheet of foam coare board
Website: 9+
Available from shops: Bristol: 9+, Gloucester: 9+, Stroud: 3
(Product Ref #47740)
A3 size sheet of 3mm thickness foam-core board.
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