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Dapol O Gauge BR Class 08 0-6-0 350bhp Diesel Shunter Black UnNumbered

The first BR standard shunters up to 13336 (1957) were delivered in the standard locomotive black livery of the steam era.
This unnumbered model makes it easy to replicate your choice of locomotive using numbering transfer decals, eg. Modelmasters sheet 7031.

Over 1000 class 08 type shunters were built and with over 60 years in service there are many differences between locomotives. This covers the number ranges which were supposed to have the same arrangement as the model, double-checking from photographs is suggested!

Locos up to 13336 (built Darlington 1957) were painted black, though 13336 (at least) was noted as having carriage type logos. While this was also the last batch built with external door hinges the front right hand side exhauster box had not been fitted from 13245 onwards.

Locos (supposed to have!) external door hinges and two exhauster boxes.
13000/D3000 to 13244/D3244.
This includes the Crossley (13117-13126) and first batches of Lister Blackstone (13137-13166) engined locomotives, the bodies of which were visually identical to the standard English Electric engined locos.

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