Flames of War is a World War 2 wargaming system designed for two players controlling the Axis or Allied forces using standard 6-sided dice.

Forces are controlled on a unit basis, a section or company of infantry, a field gun with crew or a tank. Additonal players can join in, providing extra units, but preferably keeping the balance of forces even. The game is played on a table-top, with scenery terrain, cover, obstacles etc. set out before the forces join battle. Players take turns to manouver, making long-range artillery attacks and close combat infantry actions, taking an enemy-held location or falling back to a defensive position for the end of the turn.
The game is designed to be straightforward for beginners and the outcomes really can turn on the roll of the dice. For experienced players there are a range of scenarios from the early, mid and late war phases, offering the chance to re-enact some of the most important battles of the second world war.
Can you face up to the German Blitzkreig of 1939/40, defeat the Russians at Kursk, or hold the Americans at bay on the Rhine?
Wikipedia has a useful article on the Flames of War game at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flames_of_War

The figures are in late war fighting kit and battledress and have the new "turtle" helmet that many of the divisions who landed in Normandy wore, offering better protection from the sides and rear. contents: this boxed set contains 1 x British Rifle Company HQ, 1 x CSM Stan Hollis VC Command Warrior Team 2x British Command Rifle/MG Teams, 3 x British Sniper Teams, 3x British Rifle Platoons, 3 x British Command Rifle/MG Teams, 3 x British Light Mortar Teams, 3 x British PIAT Teams, 18 x British Rifle/MG Teams

Glue and paints are required to complete the figures (not included)

Available from shops: Plymouth: 1
(Product Ref #27061)
Available from shops: Plymouth: 1
(Product Ref #91800)
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