Most US narrow gauge railroads ordered locomotives and rolling stock from the builders' standard catalogues, specifying the gauge and any changes or special equipment they required. Bachmann have drawn on a range of prototype locomotives built for gauges ranging from 2 to 3 feet based on these 'catalogue' engines which saw service in many states. In addition to the familiar 'rod engines' all three major types of the 'geared' engines used for log hauling and on steep grades have now been produced in On30 
Rolling stock is based on prototypes and prototype practices which saw freight cars passed from railroad to railroad and modified to accomodate new traffic, like the oil tanks mounted on flat cars.

In additon to Pecos' O-16.5 / On30 track and points any OO/HO tracks can be used, from pre-formed sectional Setrack to the large radii in the Streamline ranges.
A 12-inch long turntable based on a hand-operated 'Armstrong' turntable, typical of the type used on minor railways and narrow gauge railways.
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