Whatever level you're operating at we recommend the fitting of both a good air filter, and fuel filter to minimise the risk of particles of dust and grit entering the fuel system. Radio controlled car air filters tend to be foam filled, and require dampening with air filter oil regularly, whereas air filters for radio controlled aircraft are usually just a mesh guard. It's also important to use a dedicated fuel filler bottle or fuel pump, so that the fuel can't mix with any contaminants.
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This essential for the nitro engine user allows for clean filling of flip top tanks such as those fitted to most model racing cars.
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Available from shops: Cardiff: 9+, Coventry: 1, Plymouth: 9+
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Colour will vary on what is available at the time.
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No priming button on the tank, or maybe the tank is hidden away under the body? This filter with primer allows for priming the engine without removing the bodyshell, while also keeping the fuel clean and safe.
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(Product Ref #49559)
The FAST93 filter has received a face lift and now comes supplied with carb neck adaptor, filter oil, mount and regular or rain cover for the foam.
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(Product Ref #51995)
Slimline, lightweight re-buildable fuel filter.
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(Product Ref #40886)
Deluxe transparent body filter for glow/petrol/diesel. Features removable metal anodised end with microfine filter and silicone seal.
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Slimline, lightweight re-buildable fuel filter.
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FAST851 Fastrax 1/10th Air Filter Re-Buildable 
Available from shops: Bristol: 1
(Product Ref #9542)
Fastrax 1/10th Air Filter Round Profile - Large
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Cardiff: 3
(Product Ref #48167)
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(Product Ref #90578)
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