A collection of 15 model railway track plans designed for small spaces, from 4ft6in by 3ft3in to 15ft by 8ft room edge shelf layouts. Designed for OO, the plans can easily be adjusted to N gauge, where the overal sizes can be reduced to approx. one half.
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An extensive collection of model railway track plans mainly for room-sized layouts, but including ideas and suggestions which can easily be used as shelf layout designs or combined to create larger railway systems.
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Peco Modellers Library PM-202 Compendium of Track Plans for Layouts to Suit All Locations

Modellers love track plans, so this new book written by the experts at Railway Modeller, will provide plenty of inspiration and ideas.

This 62 page perfect-bound book contains plans for all kinds of situations, including simple ovals and minimum-space plans to large continuous-runs and multi-level layouts. In total there are 50 plans, catering for N, OO and O scales. All plans are in full colour, with plenty of layout and prototype photos to inspire.

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Peco shows-you-how-to series of booklets covers a range of basic railway modelling topics.

This booklet covers the planning and design of a model railway layout. The highly experienced layout builders responsible for the Pecorama displays guide you through the essemtial considerations and around the pitfalls to ensure your layout project is both manageable and successful.

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Peco Your Guide to Railway Modelling & Layout Construction PM-200
A comprehensive guide to the hobby or Railway Modelling.
This book uses feature articles from the Railway Modeller magazine to cover the full range of activities from layout planning and construction, through wiring and landscaping to kit building, detailing and weathering.
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