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Available in the following colours

Warm White JP5743
Yellow JP5744
Red JP5745
Green JP5746
Blue JP5747
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(Product Ref #31552)
Pair of power connection leads with ring terminals at one end and two push-in pins at the other end. Ideal for connecting controllers equiped with terminal posts to Hornby pin connection power clips.
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(Product Ref #42013)
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(Product Ref #38118)
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(Product Ref #32354)
Hornby style Bullet pin connectors for wire termination. Ideal for use witrh Hornby point control levers and track feed connectors.
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(Product Ref #42016)
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(Product Ref #42017)
A 16v Power supply is required to power this Vollmer 7mm Smoke Generator
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(Product Ref #100946)
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(Product Ref #35137)
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(Product Ref #35769)
Simple to clip onto Streamline track in conjunction with an isolating rail joiner to provide simple isolation of track sections, or can be used as an on-off switch on control panels. In plastic case. Easy action.
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(Product Ref #31756)
A special on/on, panel mounting, 12 tag toggle switch required when using Peco's N gauge scissors crossing (SL-E383F). A different style to other Peco switches and a most useful item with many uses around the layout.
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(Product Ref #31757)
Use this switch for controlling isolated sections of track such as those found in locomotive depots, bay platforms, etc, or to operate lights and motorised scenic accessories.
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(Product Ref #31758)
Use this switch to control colour light signalling or use two ganged together as a polarity reversing switch to control reverse loops, turntables etc.
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(Product Ref #31759)
Using a clearbox gearbox this motor and gearbox drive unit has been designed for motorising model railway turntables. The easily dismanteled and re-assembled gearbox allows the gear ratio to be altered, providing a steady state speed from 625rpm down to 2.6rpm, with actual speed variation achievable using a speed controller eg. using the train controller switched to supply the turntable motor.

Final drive shaft diameter 4mm. Input cvoltage 1.5 to 6 volts. Wiring diagram included.
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(Product Ref #88382)
Used to transfer power from one circuit to another, eg. colour light signals.
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(Product Ref #503)
For switching power on & off to control track power sections or lineside accessory lighting.
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(Product Ref #504)
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New product announced 2016. Pricing and delivery to be advised

Peco PL-55 Turntable Motor Unit

A self-contained motor drive unit designed to be fitted beneath the pit tray of Peco turntables in all scales.
Easy route selection
DC and DCC modes
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(Product Ref #65496)
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