These fun foam flyers, are a great way to get the youngsters involved in the exciting world of radio controlled aircraft. Because these models are made from lightweight, high impact foam they're durable, and won't break easily - of course they aren't indestructible, so bouncing them off walls is likely to damage them. With on-board rechargeable batteries, the model is generally charged direct from the hand controller, meaning they don't need mains chargers, and can be recharged at the flying site. Once you've cut your teeth on these flying toys progress on to one of the more advanced Fun Flight RC Aircraft. Local parks and recreation grounds are ideal areas to fly.
The saying 'Good things come in small packages' perfectly describes the Mini Wot4 ARTF. The Wot4 design is well established as one of the worlds favourite RC aircraft and this 670mm wingspan parkflier format it lives up to the reputation of the Chris Foss name. This lightweight parkflier is perfect for parks or small fields.
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Ares Fokker DVII Micro RTF Hitec Ted AZSA1800
Starting with the Fokker D.VII, this 400mm span micro scale model comes 100% ready to fly, straight out of the box. Its key features include:

Semi-scale appearance with four-colour lozenge camouflage scheme
Micro size and light weight make it ideal for indoor spaces
Large enough to fly outdoors in calm conditions
Fully proportional throttle, elevator & rudder control for exceptional manoeuvrability
Lightweight 1S Li-Po flight battery attaches with magnets
Crisp scale features include engine, propeller, undercarriage, strut & panel detail
Compatible with all current Hitec air radios
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Wingspan (mm):408
Length (mm):318

 The heavier they are the harder they fall! It’s a fact, and with this in mind the light and versatile Ares Mini Gamma makes perfect sense for anyone seeking a low cost, low commitment introduction to RC model flying. Your hobby budget will rarely return this much fun and performance for such a small investment, not to mention a level of sophistication that’ll have you wondering how we do it. So what’s the key to the Mini Gamma’s success? Well, let’s start with the light and resilient carbon-braced EPO airframe, the high-lift wing section and the powerful brushed / geared motor. Crucial features that are joined by a rock-solid 2.4GHz 3-channel proportional radio system, turbulence-beating state-of-the-art 6-axis gyro stabilization and a long-duration 180mAh LiPo that gives 8 to 10 minute flights. Wrap it all in a striking colour scheme and what you get is a good-looking all-season sportster that’s not only perfect for flying indoors and out but also suits wind conditions that see similar aircraft grounded. Beginners will love its simplicity, its durability and its forgiving flight characteristics. Experts, will delight in its versatility and its grab ‘n’ go convenience. With a Mini Gamma, there’s something for everyone.
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