Additional control handsets allow more than one operator to run trains on a layout at the same time. Many control stations use the Lenz XpressNet communications system and will accept control signals from any XpressNet handset.

Starter DCC base units will usually supply up to 3 amps of current, sufficient to run up to 5 or 6 locomotives in N or OO and capable of running up to 3 O gauge locomotives without sound systems. The addition of sound to a locomotive fleet increases the power consumption and can limit the number of locomotives running.
Power boosters provide additional current supply capacity, allowing the power demands of a larger layout to be split into 'power districts' (eg up line & down line), spreading the current consumption between the base station and booster supplies.

Scalextric Digital 4 Amp Transformer P9300
Perfect for using as a Model Railway DCC Buzz Bar Power Supply.
15V 4 Amp Transformer. UK only.
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Bachmann Dynamis Pro Upgrade 36-508
An upgrade for the Dynamis controller 36-505 (Required) unleasing the full potential of the Dynamis system with functionality comparable with the most powerful DCC systems currently available.

The Dynamis system has been designed on a modular basis from the outset, allowing new modules to be developed and added easily. The Dynamis Pro upgrade is supplied complete with an expander module, allowing up to 5 IR modules to be connected, plus one additional IR module and extension cable. The pro box is designed to fit beneath the Command Centre in a stack, communicating through the multi-way connector underneath the command centre box.
Upgrading to Dynamis Pro allows the attachment of up to 5 IR sensors, eliminating range and line-of-sight issues on even the largest layouts, plus allowing for up to four Dynamis handsets (36-507) to be registered, giving additional operators full access to your layout.

That's not all the Pro box does! It is equiped with the ECoSLink high speed data bus interface and has a programming track output. By careful system design the programming track can even be incorporated into your layout and used as a regular section of track in normal service.

Don't forget that the registered locomotive data is held in the handset, making it easy for you to take your handset and engines to run on another Dynamis controlled layout.

Please note that this is an upgrade for the Dynamis system which must be added to the base Dynamis unit 36-505.

MRP £192.10you save £42.10
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Hornby RailMaster PC to DCC Model Railway Control System R8144
With Hornby RailMaster connected, the power of the Elite can be harnessed like never before. Hornby RailMaster is a totally new way to control a model railway.
Just connect the Elite via the USB port to a PC or laptop and the power of Hornby RailMaster is at your fingertips!
More information available from Hornby Hobbies on the RailMaster PC to DCC interface software.

Requires Hornby Elite DCC control unit, PC computer with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista or 7, USB communications port.
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(Product Ref #4004)
Lenz LH100 Walkabout Controller 21100
The LH100 keypad based throttle is a universal input device for all DIGITAL plus system and is compatible with all Xpress Net.based systems. You can control your motive power, program  locomotive and accessory decoders, throw turnouts activate uncoupling ramps or set signals, determine and program the system properties, or check the status of feedback encoders and accessory decoders with feedback  An easy to read LCD display provides an easy to read indication of both the locomotive you are operating as well as the current speed and function status.
Remember! Antics Price includes mainland UK delivery!
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E-Z Command E-Z Command 5 Amp DCC Power Booster 36-520
Bachmann's E-Z Command power booster is an in-line unit that can be used with any NMRA standard DCC system. It connects to the track output of a control unit to provide 5 amps of DCC power for larger layouts, larger scales or an increased number of locomotives. Also suitable for Dynamis systems.
MRP £224.95you save £24.96
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(Product Ref #52955)
Lenz TR100 Transformer 15v. 3amp. 45VA. 26000
A 45VA insulated transformer capable of an output of 3 amps. Ideal for powering the Lenz Compact, LH90 and LH100 control units on smaller layouts.
Fitted with UK plug
MRP £62.50you save £6.00
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(Product Ref #45308)
For a newcomer to DCC or for the operation of a smaller layout, this system is a great choice. Comprising of a Base Station, Walkaround, and Power Supply, this system is packed with features but is above all, incredibly easy to use and allows you to run your railway without fuss. With 1.6 amps, there is enough power to keep things interesting but its best feature is its sheer ease of use. Some other budget systems have the control on the console, but with this system the lightweight and comfortable Walkaround allows you extra mobility.
MRP £169.95you save £40.95
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(Product Ref #80697)
Lenz Transformer TR150 15V. 4.6amp. 70VA. 26150
A 70VA insulated power transformer with an output of 15 volts and a maximum of 4.6amps.
This unit is recommened for use with the Lenz LH90 and LH100 control systems when used on larger layout operating multiple locomtoives.
This transformer should also be selected for use with the Lenz LV102 power amplifier/booster to ensure that the amplifiers full rated current can be supplied.
Fitted with UK plug
MRP £78.95you save £8.95
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(Product Ref #45309)
E-Z Command Digital Connector Panel 36-515
A connector panel to enable many E-Z Command compatible accessories to be connected to the E-Z Command system.
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(Product Ref #52953)
Hornby RJ12 Leads R8236
RJ12 plug connection leads to connect Elite, Select and Walkabout units.
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(Product Ref #63061)
Gaugemaster Plug for DCC01 + 2 DCC60
Gaugemaster DCC60 Spare plug for Gaugemaster Prodigy
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(Product Ref #78938)
Lenz LA152 XBUS Adaptor with Faceplate 80152
The LA152 provides an easy method to install XpressNET ports in convenient locations anywhere on your layout.
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(Product Ref #47066)

AC/DC Power Adapter 220v-240V _ 50Hz 0.5A

Sec 15v 1A
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(Product Ref #101744)
New for 2017 Price to be Advised.
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(Product Ref #45297)
DCC Concepts Cobalt ip Accessory Decoder 8 Way.

 AD-8fx is a high performance high feature level 8-output DCC accessory decoder with reversing DC outputs for Cobalt type motors and similar devices. 
AD-8fx will tolerate a very wide track bus voltage range and offer exceptionally low current draw while static (effectively zero). AD-8fx is designed to connect straight to track power or your accessory power bus.
Because it only permits drive power for the few seconds needed to reliably change a Cobalt Classic or Cobalt iP Analog point motor or other device it is controlling, so it will never take important power away from other operations.
Addressing is so easy that we call it learning rather than programming – there are no CVs to set for addressing – All it needs is the changing of a simple switch to make it ready to teach – once that is done all you need do it act as if you are already changing it at the address you want it to be, return the switch to the run position and its done. 
Wiring and connections are easy too, as they are clearly printed onto the PCB so you will never forget how it should be done, even if working under the layout!
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