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Between 1964 and 1983 Scammell's flagship heavy haulage tractor was the 335bhp Contractor 6x4 with a 240-ton train weight.A small number of Mk.ll Contractors were also built having a 450bhp engine and a train weight of up to 450 tons.Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE) was set up in 1986.Based in Stafford this haulage company also has offices in Abu Dhabi and Bombay

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Between 1964 and 1983 Scammell�s flagship heavy haulage tractor was the Contractor, with a 6 cylinder Cummins 350 or 430 hp diesel engine driving a 6x4 wheel arrangement. The Contractor was designed for several functions including military and commercial use such as towing semi trailers and tow bar trailers, offering a total gross train weight of 240 tons. Contractors were often fitted with winches as in the case of this striking orange liveried Crouch�s of Kibworth model. Crouches Car and Commercial Recovery have been in the recovery business since 1948, based in the Midlands at two depots, Kibworth near Market Harborough and Lutterworth just off the M1 motorway. Crouch�s have a varied fleet enabling them to cater for general 24 hour recovery, European recovery, low loader transportation and heavy duty recovery.
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